Chapter Officers

Kailey O'Connell

Chapter President

My name is Kailey O'Connell, and I'm a third year journalism major with a minor in media, arts, society and technology. I could not be more excited to represent this amazing sorority as chapter president. As a dedicated member of Sigma Kappa, I've watched our unique sisterhood provide laughter, long-lasting memories and unbreakable friendships over the years. The support system formed by over 220 of the most genuine, strong and empowering women I've ever known is like no other. I'm so lucky to have found a second home in this sorority, and I aim to ensure that Sigma Kappa leaves a lasting positive impact on each member's life for the better, just like it has mine. Love in the dove!

Andrea Derrick

Vice President of Standards and Values

Andrea Derrick is the Vice President of Standards and Values. She is a junior at Cal Poly majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. Sigma Kappa is important to her because of all of the amazing women she has met. Their ambition inspires and drives her to work hard everyday.

Morgan McKean

Vice President of Membership

My name is Morgan McKean and I am Sigma Kappa Epsilon Omega’s Vice President of Membership.  I am a third year Graphic Communication student concentrating in Design Reproduction Technology with minors in Entrepreneurship and Packaging.  I was initiated in the fall of 2016 and have been a proud Sigma Kappa ever since! I cannot wait to execute this year’s Formal Recruitment and add more amazing women to your chapter.

Bella Ritchie

Vice President of New Member Education

My name is Bella Ritchie and I am a third year BioChem Major from San Jose. I am the VP of New Member Education and I'm so excited to educate our new members in the fall. Sigma Kappa is important to me because it has given me my best friends and the best support system throughout my college experience

Elizabeth Monsef

Vice President of Academic Excellence

My name is Elizabeth Monsef and I am a second year Biomedical Engineering student concentrating in Mechanical Design here at Cal Poly. Joining Sigma Kappa is hands down one of the best college decisions I have made and I cannot imagine my experience in San Luis Obispo without these incredible women by my side! Through this chapter I have found my best friends and made some of my most treasured memories.

Tyna Bruzzone

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

My name is Tyna and I am a second year sociology major concentrating in organizational structures. I am originally from Walnut Creek in the East Bay and am the VP of Philanthropic Services for Sigma Kappa and enjoying every second of it! In my free time I like to hike, eat tacos, and fundraise! It is an honor to help my chapter raise money for all our philanthropies and plan fun events for our Cal Poly community

Meghan Butler

Vice President of Finance

I am a third year Business Administration major concentrating in Marketing and I am Sigma Kappa's Vice President of Finance. I am obsessed with San Luis Obispo's beautiful beaches, mountains, and of course, FOOD! I can't imagine my time here at Cal Poly without Sigma Kappa. This sorority has given me leadership skills, confidence, and friends to help me soak in this amazing city! It's unbelievable that my time at Cal Poly is almost up, but I'm so excited to finish my senior year with these tenacious and inspiring women. 

Paige Kenerson

Vice President of Programming

My name is Paige Kenerson and I am the Vice President of Programming! I am a third year majoring in Business Administration & Marketing Management, and minoring in Event Planning and Experience Management. I am so thankful for Sigma Kappa because it has shaped my college experience, brought me some of my closest friends and, given me the best memories.

Anahita Yamouti

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

My name is Anahita Yamouti and i am a second year sociology major double minoring in intro to law and society and global politics. Sigma Kappa is important to me because it has introduced me to some of the most amazing women i have ever met and given me the opportunity to become very involved

Bella Ravina

Vice President of Communications and Operations

My name is Bella Ravina, second year Communications Major and Italian Minor. Sigma Kappa is important to me because I have been introduced to some of the most genuine women I’ve ever met. I am constantly inspired to see how each member whole heartedly commits themselves to pursuing their passions and empowering others to do the same.

Lili LeBaron

Sisterhood Chairman

My name is Lili the Sigma Kappa Sisterhood chair. I’m a journalism major with an emphasis in public relations and have a minor in photography. I love all things thrift shopping, being in the ocean, and spending time with loved ones outdoors. I hope to work in non profits or fashion that incorporates my love of photography and videography. Sigma Kappa has not only given me some of my best friends but an opportunity to work with a group of intelligent, strong, and amazing group of women who have the kindest souls and I count be happier to call myself a Sigma Kappa woman.

Baharan Abdollahi

Social Chair

My name is Baharan Abdollahi and I'm a second year from Seattle Washington. I am a Journalism major, minoring in Political Science and French. I enjoy playing tennis, drawing, and spending time with my friends. Being very outgoing, I ran for social chair as a way to channel that into a position on executive board, and through this job I have found a passion for planning events, but mostly for seeing my sisters enjoy them.

Georgia Yokoyama

Public Relations Chairman

My name is Georgia Yokoyama a second year Agricultural Communication major. I am originally from Newport Beach and am currently the Public Relation Chairman. I'm thankful for Sigma Kappa for giving me my best friends and helping me channel my inner leader.

Allie Fobes

Panhellenic Delegate

My name is Allie Fobes! I am a second-years majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Sales. In my spare time I love spending time with my friends and finding beautiful new places to explore in San Luis Obispo.

Lexie Kraft

Ritual Chair

My name is Lexie Kraft I am the Ritual Chairman as well as an English major planning to attend law school. I am from Sonoma County California and currently live in the sigma kappa house. My hobbies include spending time with friends and sisters, staying active, and going to the beach