Chapter History

Sigma Kappa has served as a sisterhood, a home-away-from-home, a support system and an opportunity for growth for Cal Poly women since our chapter was founded on campus in 1973. Epsilon Omega takes pride in being the first women’s Greek organization at Cal Poly.

Nicknamed by our sisters "The Sigma Kastle," our house has served as a second home to generations of Sigma Kappas. Located at 615 Grand Ave, the Sigma Kappa house lies in the heart of our beautiful city - a perfect distance between the Cal Poly campus and downtown San Luis Obispo.

With themed rooms, a beautiful backyard, a porch swing and plenty of space, this house is the ideal place for our members to live and grow. 11 members live in the house at a time, including our Ritual Chairman and House Manager. We hold informal meetings, backyard barbecues, karaoke sessions, movie nights and so much more at the Kastle.